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artline holds, prises d'escalade
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We are committed to developing ever more innovative and high quality products, in response to the input we get from our customers. Our manufacturing systems and procedures meet the EN 12572-3 european standards, meaning our users will get the best that technology has to offer, and they can climb in complete safety.

safety system

During manufacture, all our holds over size M (Ř>5cm) are equipped with the « Safety » system, which is an extra guarantee for our users ! Should a hold accidentally break (most often during installation), only very small pieces will break off, with no risk to any users on the ground.
> For PE (polyester) products, a small metal armature in the hold, binds the more dangerous elements to the fixing screw.
> For PU (polyurethane) products, the amount of fibre used creates a sheet within security glass, ensuring all the pieces are attached to each other. If one of these holds breaks, please ensure it is taken down and scrapped to avoid any accidents.
This logo indicates those holds that are equipped with the safety system.

insert system

Flat-head or countersunk ? Who cares !
Whatever type of screws & bolts you use, our holds that use the «Insert» system, are compatible with flat-head or tapered screws. Our insert also plays a key role when the hold is being mounted. It spreads the force across the base of the hold, which improves strength and durability. More and more, users are mounting walls with screw guns. Unlike Allen keys, this type of equipment often creates much higher torque than manufacturers' recommendations(cf. instructions). It can cause invisible damage (micro-cracks) and can lead to breakage particularly with micro holds and small footholds.

pe process

PE stands for PolyEster.
This is the most popular resin for making handholds in Europe. Mixed with sand to create a resin mortar, it is dyed then catalysed and poured into a mould.
> Pros : PE resin is inexpensive, and its hardness gives a realistic rock feel.
> Cons : Doesn’t react well to stress (mounting & dismounting) or distortion (off-centre mounting). Doesn’t like being washed too often (especially with chemical products).

pu process

PU stands for PolyUréthane.
This is the most popular resin in the States, and it has made inroads in Europe over the past few years. Unlike PE, it doesn't need to be mixed (or not much), making it very light.
> Pros : PU resin is extremely flexible and can therefore be used for all types of structure. Absorbs impacts very well (mounting & dismounting) and distortion (off-centre mounting).
> Cons : More expensive than PE, there is something of a plastic feel to PU holds. After a few washes (especially with chemical products) the colour tends to fade.