Information about screws, nuts and bolts that are suited to ArtLine holds

We do not provide screws, nuts or bolts as standard, since we find that most customers are already equipped, and in any case it depends what surface you’re screwing the holds on to (wood, concrete, indoors or out)!

The length of screws mentioned for each ArtLine series allow for a 15-18mm thick structure, with a Ø10 mm T-nut (allow for some space behind your structure so the screw can protrude).

All our holds can be attached with CHC* or FHC* M10 type screws, thanks to the double T-nut provided for when the hold is moulded (Insert System), except for the « Screwons » series, which requires VBA* screws.

*CHC : hexagonal hollow flat-head screws, Ø 10mm, AcZg.
*FHC : hexagonal hollow countersunk screws, Ø 10mm, AcZg.
*VBA : woodscrews, Ø 4.5mm

WARNING : For concerte supports, best get in touch.