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Discover the advantages, special offers and services suited to clubs, associations, schools for all ages, universities.
Whatever your project, ArtLine will help you bring it to life, making climbing accessible for all ages and abilities.
Replacement of over-aged holds, route renewal, maintenance or competition sponsorship, we have a solution to meet your requirements.
Ask for a free quote.

To give your structure a new lease of life, we frequently work with qualified professionals in artificial climbing structure (ACS) upkeep and maintenance.
Our safety page lists all the current norms for climbing walls and handholds.


ArtLine offers a 10% (non cumulable) discount all year round on most of our products and services.

Climbing route creation

Our team of professional route-setters will come, see and conquer your wall ! We can dismantle, clean and renew your climbing routes on site.
Beforehand, a personalised audit of your structure is carried out, to establish the worn-out or broken holds which are therefore a risk to the user. Any sub-standard items are scrapped.
Route renewal is a key element in helping users progress throughout the year, but also in growing the number of visitors to your structure.
Thanks to our professionals' advice and assistance, you will become more independent in creating and managing your routes.
For more information on these services, please contact us with details of your requirements.

Safety First

Maintenance :
Owners or managers of artificial climbing structures (ACS), with or without protection points, are responsible for the upkeep of their equipment and components.
They must :
> ensure that the equipment provides all necessary safety guarantees (certificate of compliance)
> take steps to maintain ongoing safety (annual maintenance contract)
> maintain and check individual safety equipment, such as ropes, harnesses, quickdraws etc.

Note that placing and replacing handholds to create new routes, is part of the normal life of an ACS, and is not considered a maintenance operation. This is normally carried out by users.

Safety standards :
French and European standards have been established to ensure maximum security for ACS users. You may access the official version of these norms here : www.afnor.org (France)

European standards established in 24/02/2009 :
European standard EN 12572-1

Artificial climbing structures. Safety requirements and test methods for ACS
with protection points

European standard EN 12572-2
Artificial climbing structures - Part 2: Safety requirements and test methods for bouldering walls

European standard EN 12572-3
Artificial climbing structures - Part 3: Safety requirements and test methods for climbing holds

European standard EN S52- 400
Playing field equipment. Fixation points. Functional and safety requirements, test method

Provisional French standard XP P90-311
Landing material for bouldering structures - safety requirements and test method

Provisional French standard XP P90-312
Landing material for AFC with protection points - safety requirements and test method