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artline holds, prises d'escalade
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ArtLine was created by Brice ANZIUTTI after leaving Volx (French hold manufacturer) where he worked for 5 years, so that he could freely indulge his creative urges !
ArtLine is a private limited company based in Lyon, and specialised in research, design and marketing of climbing-related equipment, in particular artificial climbing holds.
Turning the humble handhold into a real work of art, and with proven technical expertise, ArtLine wants to make people want to climb !
ArtLine is a subtle mix of the technical specificities of our holds (grip in particular) and

esthetic qualities inspired by Street Art.
Street Art will be our guiding principle for ArtLine's expansion.
It's an original platform for a new brand, and should mean that we avoid the beaten path !
We want to break with the usual image of an outdoor climber that most of the new brands throw at us !
In other words, we want to be different and shake up what is a fairly conservative field.
Our baseline says it all : Unique shapes

brice, artline holds